Custom Quintoscillator

I built this quintoscillator for my pal Bill. He's playing it drenched in reverb!

Ring Modulating Oscillation Distorter

Okay. It's got 5 Oscillators, a circuit bent Ibanez Distortion Pedal with body contact bends, and a passive ring modulator all housed in the body of an antique radio. All three things can be used separately, but in conjunction with one another they sound pretty rad! Beeps, tweeps, grinds and waves of things! The Oscillators and the pedal run off 9 v power supplies. Boss adapters with a daisy chain is what I use, but the pedal can run off a 9v battery if needed.
Check out the video and the sound files.


Here's something I built for a friend of mine. It has 3 oscillators of various speeds/pitches controlled by knobs and one controlled by a light sensitive resistor. That's the big eyeball at the top. It's Teddy Ruxpin's eye, by the way. 2009.