I made this out of random things I had laying around. It's basically a two oscillator Fun Tuner, with an RCA patchbay and that weird long stemmed control dial replacing all the switches I might put in it otherwise. I actually don't have enough RCA cables to fully use it! HA!
Anyway, turn it on and it starts to squeal. Plug in a bunch of RCA cables and it starts to glitch and mutate. Flip a couple of switches, switch the one oscillator's control state from knob to eye, and it will pump out some great, grindy, all-seeing noise. Switch the tall dial around and switch over a couple of RCA cables and who knows....
Operates on a 9V power supply.
Here's another hi8 video!

Two Oscillators w/Ring Modulators

Simple. Two oscillators feeding into a ring modulator. One oscillator acts as the main signal, the other as the carrier. The knob on the bottom left hand side is a voltage control knob that effects each oscillator. The bottom, right hand knob is a rate control for the ring mod. Runs on any 9 v, ground tipped power adapter.
Here's a video, shot on a super shitty hi8 handycam!