The Fun Tuner v1.0

This synth is something that's part of an on-going project I'm working on. Build a synth using oscillators and logic chips (in this case NAND gates), find the combination of connections I like the sound of the most through turning switches on and off and design the next one based on those combinations. Turn on three switches, draw schematic. Build new synth with new connections hard wired, new connections, redesign, rebuild, repeat. I'm currently working on v1.1 and the result is a lot of very sweepy/swoopy drones. Each one I build is going to sound different than the last, hopefully, drastically.
This one's got 2 oscillators, 3 modulation dials with on/off switches, 5 modulation effect switches, 2 output (one primary/one secondary), and it operates on a 9V power supply (the same kind you'd use with a Boss Pedal. Ground on the center pin, signal on the outer ring.)
I named this after MR.FUN, who first put a soldering iron in my hand and taught me about circuit bending. Check out some video!