Fun Tuner v1.2

Here's the third evolution of The Fun Tuner Project. I like to call this one The Screaming Baby generation of the project, because the high end tones that this can produce are nasty! Just creeps right into your brain and makes you wonder what the hell's wrong with you. Did you upset it?
The 1/4 mono output and 9v power jack are housed on the outside of the case on this one, as the body of this is so small, the cables would just get in your way. Unless you have freakishly small hands. Like a baby.

Fun Tuner v1.1

Here's the second installment of The Fun Tuner Project, v1.1. I took my favorite settings from the first Fun Tuner and redesigned the PCB with those connections hardwired. Does that make sense? Anyway, it's got 3 oscillators, a modulation control dial, 2 x 3 position modulation glitch switches and 3 modulation on/off toggle switches. 1/4" mono output and 9v power. Housed in an old camera case I found at a local thrift shop.
The operation on this synth is pretty simple, but I like the dancey/grindy kind off drones and tones that come out here. Rich low end, for sure!

The NO Machine

I finally got the chance to make another synth in the housing of an old Traynor mixer! The last one was The Nothing Machine, but this one is The NO Machine. It's two oscillators with individual pitch controls added and an overall pitch control, 7 modulation glitch switches, a filter knob with on/off toggle, and, as a nice added effect, there's a Danelectro delay pedal wired in there for a little something extra. I kept the in and out jacks accessible in the front, so that if you want to have the oscillators running out to a mixer or amp or whatever, and use the effect pedal for something else, you can. Runs on a 9v power adapter, like a boss pedal adapter, like everything I make.
Here's a video!