The Muscle Contaminater

I found this guy in the alley near my house, thinking that I could pull it apart and reuse the case, or maybe the pots, however, when I got home I was pleasantly surprised to find out that actually still powered up! Moments later I found that each one of the 12 outputs gave me controllable oscillations.
Each output gives the same pitch and rate controllable oscillation, however, each one can also be filtered with the knob just above the output. And, there's a master filter/volume knob, too. Runs on a 9v positive tipped adapter.
Of course, not being one to let a perfectly good electronic instrument just sit there innocently being what it should be, I added more knobs and switches that make it squeak and grind. I don't suggest using this for it's original, medical intentions anymore. I think it was meant to control muscle contractions. If you used it now, your muscles might balloon up until you look like a freakish hulk. Like one of those guys that looks like a pile of grapes.